EVASINS-Find your match based on the 7 deadly sins


Because as it comes to dating, your true colours are the only colours that matter.

Do you feel like you’re constantly being guilt-tripped into thinking that there’s something wrong with you? Have you been told that you’re too lazy, too proud, too angry or that you… eat too much? Do you sometimes feel that whatever you do, you aren’t enough? That whatever you do, you can’t be lovable unless you fix, or at least hide, some parts of your personality?

Aren’t you tired of dating sites and apps full of perfect, aka fake, people? At EvaSins, you can look for someone who likes you not in spite of who you are but because of who you are. We think that you should be proud of who you are. We think that there is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life. There is nothing wrong with being a little lazy. Nothing wrong with embracing your sexuality or really, really enjoying food. There’s so much pressure on being perfect that sometimes you can forget that it is your sins, vices, and imperfections which are the interesting and attractive parts of your personality.

EvaSins is for you if you also think that online dating is becoming more and more like window-shopping for the perfect versions of people that don’t even exist in real life. People present improved, enhanced, face tuned versions of themselves which eventually leads to disappointment when meeting in real life.

Here you are encouraged to reveal your true, raw and real self from the very start. Simply choose which of the 7 deadly sins (yeah, right) applies to you the best and create a profile. In the same way, you will get your matches based on the preferred sin of your potential date. Because your authentic self is the only self that matters. And your imperfections make you who you are.

Now let’s remember the sins:

1. PRIDE “I think I’m in a love triangle. I love myself. Myself loves me. Me loves I.”


3. ENVY “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it!”

4. ANGER “I’m not a bitch. I’m a teller of unfortunate truths”

5. LUST “Let’s do some ‘we shouldn’t be doing this’ things.”

6. GLUTTONY “I’d like to order one of everything, please.”

7. SLOTH “I’m so tired from all this sitting, I need to lay down.”

Which one defines you the best? Pick one and start your adventure now!